Wow, I did It.

Hi Everyone!
Today’s post is about my writing, with some mention on other things.

I have added more to my story: The List today and can possibly finish the current chapter I’m on: Chapter 30 in a few days. 🙂 Exciting!

Also, I’ve finished chapter 2 of my story Z: The Mysterious Book now so yes I’m now on chapter 3. 🙂

I’m still writing other stories of mine too.

I also finished a Christmas short story called: Without You. It was a quick read and it was good, and focused on a man called Logan trying to reconnect with an ex- girlfriend.

I’ve also watched a short musical called 21 Chump Street which was based off an episode of This American Life. It’s so good and the musical is by Lin – Manuel Miranda, I like the songs.

It follows a high school student Justin who fell in love with a undercover police officer, and gets arrested for selling her drugs.

May possibly watch it again, and I’ve now listened to the actual podcast.

It’s also a little sad, as the boy seemed so kind and genuine.

Thanks for reading,
Hope you enjoyed.







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