So Close ♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This new post is about my writing, and how it’s going. There may be some brief mention on other things too. 

Okay, I’m now on chapter 31 of my story: The List.
I’m so excited about that, and I worked on chapter 30 for a few days and I’m now finished with it.

I’m also on chapter 3 now of one of my other stories Z: The Mysterious Book. I already have some ideas of mine for this story of mine; which will involve the friends getting help from a former friend.

Another one of my stories With This We Are One I’m currently still on chapter 11 and still have some ideas to add to the chapter too.

Also, thinking of some ideas for more original poems.

Will also be writing some story ideas down, when I can.

A sequel to one of my stories ”The Sign of Danger” I’m currently on chapter 6 of and nearly finished with.

One of my stories I’m mainly working on at the moment is The List as I’m so close to finishing it. Only one chapter left, however if I feel like there’s more I can add, there will be another chapter possibly.

Maybe even an epilogue.

I’m also going to do some writing competitions, and there’s one I’m considering doing too.

I’m also going to watch a stage production of Beauty and The Beast, there’s some extra songs too.

I’ve seen the Disney one numerous times, and it’s great. There’s also going to be a live action remake coming out next year.

Thanks for reading 🙂
I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day!




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