Almost There :)

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Mine was good, and this post will be about my writing with some mention on other things e.g. reading.

I’m still currently on Chapter 31 of my story: The List and will find some time to start writing it. So close to finishing it, wow!

I’ve also added a lot more to chapter 11 of one of my other stories: WTWAO (With This We Are One (Current title), may change but I do like it.

I still have some ideas for it, so I will be close to finishing it and can then be on chapter 12.

Also, will be trying to do some writing competitions.

I’m also on chapter 26 of another story of mine, and I’ve also added more to that.

I have also finished a book called: Did I Mention I Love You? and completed my goodreads reading challenge.

Chapter 3 of another story of mine Z: The Mysterious Book I have started writing, and will continue with it when I can.

Also, will be writing more original poetry.

Will also be looking for more movies and musicals to watch.

There may also be a post of my favourite reads of this year.

Thank you for reading,
Hope you enjoyed!




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