So it goes…

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Hope you’re all doing well. This a new post about my writing and etc.

I’ve still been writing my stories, and I’ve added more to some of them. One being: The List.

With one of my stories, I’m currently still on chapter 26 and I’ve also thought of having 40 or 41 chapters for this story  of mine roughly.

My story Z: The Mysterious Book I’m now on chapter 3 and I’ve also added more to this too. It’s also going really well and now that the friends are trying to recruit a former friend to help them with the mystery behind the book; there will be some difficulties.

There’s still ideas I have for it, and other stories of mine! 🙂

I’m also thinking of more ideas for more original poetry too.

Still working on my play: Moving on Up and there may be more plays I will write but soon as I’m still practising too.

I have two songs I made up for my play, I like both of them.

There is another, but I haven’t come up with a tune for it yet.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you liked it.




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