Much Better ♡

Hello Everyone!
I’m back with a new post, which includes some fun things but mainly about my writing. Enjoy!

I’ve completed chapter 31 of my story The List, yes, one of my current stories I’ve been working on. And I’m now on chapter 32, which is exciting.

I have also submitted a sample of my short story: Star in the Making for a writing competition.

I’ve also been reading, and the book’s called The Circle.

One of my original poems, an old one called Empty, I’ve put up on a writing site that I use.

I’ll be writing down some further ideas I have for chapter 32 of my story The List which will likely be the last seeing as that’s the amount I (originally had for it).

I may possibly try out Nanowrimo this year, so there will probably be some planning I might do.

Also, been doing some research regarding publishing, writing jobs, opportunities and etc.

I wouldn’t mind also doing an audio-book for my story The List one day perhaps.

It’s also my birthday tomorrow. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards,
Lizzy 🙂


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