Well, I finished it! :)♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This will be about my writing and etc, but mostly about my writing. I also have good news to share.

As you all know, one of my stories I’ve been working on is The List. Which, I have been writing for a while now and I’ve enjoyed writing was originally going to have 32 chapters.

However, I still had ideas for it and didn’t want chapter 32 to be a really long chapter as it was already a long chapter so, therefore continued the story into chapter 33.

I mean, I wanted to also be satisfied. As I knew how I wanted it to end too.

Any necessary tweaks, will be made for some of what I typed in the last chapter.

A possible epilogue, could still be done and, well, I’ve got ideas for one too. So, that’s good.

I also finished one of the books I’ve been reading today too. 🙂

I’m also, writing some of my other stories some of which I’ve added more to.

And I will possibly be putting this story of mine online e.g. my Wattpad.

I loved writing this story of mine, I love this story of mine, and I see so much potential in it. I really hope it gets published one day.

Thanks for reading,
And hope you enjoyed! 🙂



Coming Together.♡

Hello Everyone!
I’m back with a new post, which will be about my writing and etc. However, mostly about my writing. 🙂 Enjoy!

I’m still writing, and I’ve added more to some of my stories. One being, The List, which is going really well and that I’m currently on chapter 32 of.

I’m making it the last chapter, as 32 was the amount I had in mind.

The ideas I had for this was a lot and, well, I also just loved writing it.

I’ve added so much to it and trying to finish it off, with more secrets and mystery involved.

I’ve also added more to the sequel to my story: The Sign of Danger which I finished when I was sixteen.

With the sequel, I’m on chapter 7.

There’s also more story ideas, I’m excited about and another story I’m going to soon be writing is another mystery/crime story set in Japan. It will also include some advertising, surveillance cameras etc.

There will be a possible epilogue, to my story The List. And who knows, a sequel perhaps, as I do have some ideas for one.

Also, coming up with ideas for more original poetry and nearly finished with one of the books I’m reading.

Thank you for reading.
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


Update: Getting so Close

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new post that will be about my writing and etc.

Firstly, I’m so close to finishing my story: The List.
I’m currently on chapter 32 which will possibly be the last chapter, it’s the amount of chapters I originally had for it.

An epilogue will possibly be added.

I’m amazed by the amount of ideas I had for it; it’s been great, like, I’ve enjoyed writing it so much.

I’ve also added more to chapter 13 of one of my stories: With This We Are One and that’s also going well.

I’m getting close to finishing two books I’m reading too.

Yes, of course, been having more ideas for stories. E.g. one being set in Japan.

Also, researching too: writing events, publishing etc.

I’ve seen Memphis: the musical now it’s good.


I’ve also seen a production of Tarzan: the musical that was good too and, well, I’ve also seen the Disney film more than once which is great.

Going to write further story ideas down.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed it.

Horror Cliches #2

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This is the my second part to Horror Cliches.

1.) A friend offers, to help out
When an individual is unsure of meeting with someone.
Especially, if it’s clear the person their meeting has had a bad past before
May have dangerous tendencies.
But the individual declines and goes to meet the person by themselves.

2.) An individual or even few may exaggerate a pain
to the extent, that somehow they can’t run faster.
Especially, if it’s a minor injury and can easily get caught by the killer.

3.) They may run and look back so many times, to see if the killer is behind them
that they forget to watch where they’re going.

4.) They avoid obvious help.
E.g. someone may suggest calling the police,
and it’s gets turned down. Why?

6.) Some may be hiding somewhere.
E.g. a closet or behind a curtain and may throw
objects to distract the killer or creature from finding them.
However, this doesn’t always work and can get them killed.
Especially, if the killer is alert.

7.) A way out may seem really difficult,
when obvious signs and exits are ignored.
E.g. a exit at another end or a flap, the window.
They see the basic ways out, as being of no use
now that the killer’s in front of them

8.) Some weapons they use aren’t always good choices.
And make them an easy target.
E.g. a mop.

9.) May use a recording of themselves or someone close to the killer
and leave it playing on a voice recorder, or video, etc.
Also, gives them a chance to escape.

10.) Someone may be wearing a clothing item,
that the killer wears and may use this as an opportunity to catch them.
E.g. taking off the mask.
But it’s not them, and their joy is cut short.

11.) An individual or a few may try to use a weapon they instantly find.
E.g. a gun but it doesn’t work because of no bullets.
They don’t think to see if it works beforehand.

12.) Sometimes, the killer knows this or something will go wrong,
usually before they do and gives a sly smile.

13.) Objects that can be useful for help,
don’t work e.g. their mobile phone, a nearby phone, a walkie-talkie etc.
Can happen at times.

14.) People outside – that can help out,
ignore screams that are coming from the building
the group of victims are in.
Usually, mistake it for something else.
Like joking around.

I hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading. 🙂









Horror Cliches

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new fun post, and it’s about Horror Cliches (mainly movies).
There may possibly be a part 2.
This was also inspired by a conversation I had with my younger 16 year old brother.

1.) They hide in an obvious place
E.g. Outside.
Especially, when there’s a good chance of the killer going there or even lurking around.

2.) They stay on the floor, pleading.
– In an attempt, to get to stop the killer from killing them.
When they have the opportunity, to run or use a weapon.

3.) Missing signs of suspicious people (even when it’s obvious)
E.g. Someone’s car breaks down, and their in a deserted area
Weather may be cold, some how they find someone this person has a knife,
and is seen cleaning it but they still somehow approach them.
They can be wearing a creepy mask, or even just looking at them in a creepy manner.

4.) Weak Character = suddenly thinks they’re strong to fight
– or possibly even kill the killer.
-Is often seen trying to punch, shoot and various other things.
But gets killed quickly.

5.) As a group, they decide to split up
Usually always one person that suggests it.
-Bad choice, and from different scenes we see the individuals try to find and possibly kill the killer.
-Which gives the killer more opportunity.

There may possibly be a second part.
Hope you enjoyed.
So stay tuned!
Thanks for reading. 🙂