Horror Cliches

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new fun post, and it’s about Horror Cliches (mainly movies).
There may possibly be a part 2.
This was also inspired by a conversation I had with my younger 16 year old brother.

1.) They hide in an obvious place
E.g. Outside.
Especially, when there’s a good chance of the killer going there or even lurking around.

2.) They stay on the floor, pleading.
– In an attempt, to get to stop the killer from killing them.
When they have the opportunity, to run or use a weapon.

3.) Missing signs of suspicious people (even when it’s obvious)
E.g. Someone’s car breaks down, and their in a deserted area
Weather may be cold, some how they find someone this person has a knife,
and is seen cleaning it but they still somehow approach them.
They can be wearing a creepy mask, or even just looking at them in a creepy manner.

4.) Weak Character = suddenly thinks they’re strong to fight
– or possibly even kill the killer.
-Is often seen trying to punch, shoot and various other things.
But gets killed quickly.

5.) As a group, they decide to split up
Usually always one person that suggests it.
-Bad choice, and from different scenes we see the individuals try to find and possibly kill the killer.
-Which gives the killer more opportunity.

There may possibly be a second part.
Hope you enjoyed.
So stay tuned!
Thanks for reading. 🙂



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