Horror Cliches #2

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This is the my second part to Horror Cliches.

1.) A friend offers, to help out
When an individual is unsure of meeting with someone.
Especially, if it’s clear the person their meeting has had a bad past before
May have dangerous tendencies.
But the individual declines and goes to meet the person by themselves.

2.) An individual or even few may exaggerate a pain
to the extent, that somehow they can’t run faster.
Especially, if it’s a minor injury and can easily get caught by the killer.

3.) They may run and look back so many times, to see if the killer is behind them
that they forget to watch where they’re going.

4.) They avoid obvious help.
E.g. someone may suggest calling the police,
and it’s gets turned down. Why?

6.) Some may be hiding somewhere.
E.g. a closet or behind a curtain and may throw
objects to distract the killer or creature from finding them.
However, this doesn’t always work and can get them killed.
Especially, if the killer is alert.

7.) A way out may seem really difficult,
when obvious signs and exits are ignored.
E.g. a exit at another end or a flap, the window.
They see the basic ways out, as being of no use
now that the killer’s in front of them

8.) Some weapons they use aren’t always good choices.
And make them an easy target.
E.g. a mop.

9.) May use a recording of themselves or someone close to the killer
and leave it playing on a voice recorder, or video, etc.
Also, gives them a chance to escape.

10.) Someone may be wearing a clothing item,
that the killer wears and may use this as an opportunity to catch them.
E.g. taking off the mask.
But it’s not them, and their joy is cut short.

11.) An individual or a few may try to use a weapon they instantly find.
E.g. a gun but it doesn’t work because of no bullets.
They don’t think to see if it works beforehand.

12.) Sometimes, the killer knows this or something will go wrong,
usually before they do and gives a sly smile.

13.) Objects that can be useful for help,
don’t work e.g. their mobile phone, a nearby phone, a walkie-talkie etc.
Can happen at times.

14.) People outside – that can help out,
ignore screams that are coming from the building
the group of victims are in.
Usually, mistake it for something else.
Like joking around.

I hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading. 🙂










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