Update: Getting so Close

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new post that will be about my writing and etc.

Firstly, I’m so close to finishing my story: The List.
I’m currently on chapter 32 which will possibly be the last chapter, it’s the amount of chapters I originally had for it.

An epilogue will possibly be added.

I’m amazed by the amount of ideas I had for it; it’s been great, like, I’ve enjoyed writing it so much.

I’ve also added more to chapter 13 of one of my stories: With This We Are One and that’s also going well.

I’m getting close to finishing two books I’m reading too.

Yes, of course, been having more ideas for stories. E.g. one being set in Japan.

Also, researching too: writing events, publishing etc.

I’ve seen Memphis: the musical now it’s good.


I’ve also seen a production of Tarzan: the musical that was good too and, well, I’ve also seen the Disney film more than once which is great.

Going to write further story ideas down.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed it.


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