Coming Together.♡

Hello Everyone!
I’m back with a new post, which will be about my writing and etc. However, mostly about my writing. 🙂 Enjoy!

I’m still writing, and I’ve added more to some of my stories. One being, The List, which is going really well and that I’m currently on chapter 32 of.

I’m making it the last chapter, as 32 was the amount I had in mind.

The ideas I had for this was a lot and, well, I also just loved writing it.

I’ve added so much to it and trying to finish it off, with more secrets and mystery involved.

I’ve also added more to the sequel to my story: The Sign of Danger which I finished when I was sixteen.

With the sequel, I’m on chapter 7.

There’s also more story ideas, I’m excited about and another story I’m going to soon be writing is another mystery/crime story set in Japan. It will also include some advertising, surveillance cameras etc.

There will be a possible epilogue, to my story The List. And who knows, a sequel perhaps, as I do have some ideas for one.

Also, coming up with ideas for more original poetry and nearly finished with one of the books I’m reading.

Thank you for reading.
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂



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