Update: About Writing

Hi Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new post which is an update on writing.
I’ve been busy.

Okay, so I’ve added more to chapter 15 of a story of mine. And I hope to finish it next week if possible, so I can start on chapter 16.
I’m extremely thrilled that I still have more ideas for my story, and I’m enjoying writing it.

The current title is: With This We Are One.

I still have some brief ideas for chapter 1 and 2 for one of my newest stories, that I haven’t started yet. I might add more brief ideas for chapter 2 of this story, Blue Creek, which I’m excited about and it’s a mystery. 🙂

I’ve been busy with assignments and etc.

More ideas keep coming! Another new story, Playing Emily, I’ve already started writing some brief ideas for too.

I might add a bit more to my play at some point.

Okay, thanks for reading. 🙂
Much appreciated.
Hope you enjoyed it!


She Loves Me Musical: Review

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Back with a delayed new post.
It’s a review on a musical. Enjoy!

It’s for the musical, She Loves Me, but it’s the 2016 Broadway revival production and it was great.

The staging and the quality was good and everyone made a good enough use of the stage. I like that the shop – a prop, was able to close in and show the outside of the shop when characters were outside.

The actors and actresses were all good and played their characters well. Zachary Levi as his character had quite a lot of comedic moments and this was entertaining along with his facial expressions, that he immersed himself in his role.

Laura Benanti’s character Amalia Balash, had some comedic moments too and she was sassy, sarcastic at times and passionate. Her singing was strong and very good.

The camera angles were good and had some nice transitions.

Everyone in the production did a great job and were entertaining, most characters had their own special moments in the musical. There were some really nice songs too.

The only thing I would probably mention that could be improved is audio adjustments.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed reading it!