Again and Again

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Sorry for the delay!
Hope all is well.

This post will be about my writing and some brief mention on other things. Enjoy!

Okay, so I’m on chapter 7 of a story of mine and wrote down some brief ideas that I still have the chapter. Also, I’ve been working on my latest short story set in Japan which is going well and I still have ideas for the story; that involves some conflict and growth so I’m looking forward to that.

As for the sequel to my story, The Sign of Danger, I’ll  go back to working on when I’ve finished some of my current ones or even just have the time and more motivation.
I watched a musical today called Shoulda Been You which was good and had comedic aspects too.

I still have more ideas for one of my other current stories too. The amount of chapters I have in mind for this one is at least 24.

Hoping to receive more good news!

Thanks for reading.  🙂
Hope you enjoyed it.  🙂


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