Favourite Books of 2016

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Happy New Year!
And I hope you all had a good one.
This post will be about some of my favourite books that I read last year.

One of the books that I read and really liked was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg it had a good story-line, and I enjoyed it. It was quite a quick read, I do want to read the other two books.

I gave it 4 stars.

Another one was: Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris, it was a interesting mystery and had a good plot that came together quite well, also with the clues that were included too.

It starts off with a teenage girl Kait Lenox who has a strange hobby of crashing funerals and the funeral she attends is none other than her crush Ethan Ripley’s half sister Liz. From then on, the whole investigating begins with her helping him find out what happened to his sister. As, it’s been reported that she died from an overdose but she doesn’t seem like the type to take drugs.

Also four stars.

The Doll by J.C. Martin was another good one I enjoyed, it was a horror short story. Thought I try something new, and it was interesting. It also had enough creepy elements included to add to the feel of the book.
There was a lot of research that was done for the tourist attraction that was included in this book The Island of Dolls which is a real place in Mexico. A woman called Joyce and her young daughter Taylor; go to visit it where they are shown around by a tour guide who tells them a scary story that happened.

Taylor takes a doll home, which Joyce warned to leave alone, and becomes clear bad things will happen.

I gave this 4 stars too.

Fan- girl by Rainbow Rowell was another which I gave four stars too, it was good and Cath has similar interests e.g. writing. There were too many pieces of Cath’s fan fiction though.

That’s some for now,
I hope you enjoyed and
thanks for reading. 🙂




Wow, I did It.

Hi Everyone!
Today’s post is about my writing, with some mention on other things.

I have added more to my story: The List today and can possibly finish the current chapter I’m on: Chapter 30 in a few days. 🙂 Exciting!

Also, I’ve finished chapter 2 of my story Z: The Mysterious Book now so yes I’m now on chapter 3. 🙂

I’m still writing other stories of mine too.

I also finished a Christmas short story called: Without You. It was a quick read and it was good, and focused on a man called Logan trying to reconnect with an ex- girlfriend.

I’ve also watched a short musical called 21 Chump Street which was based off an episode of This American Life. It’s so good and the musical is by Lin – Manuel Miranda, I like the songs.

It follows a high school student Justin who fell in love with a undercover police officer, and gets arrested for selling her drugs.

May possibly watch it again, and I’ve now listened to the actual podcast.

It’s also a little sad, as the boy seemed so kind and genuine.

Thanks for reading,
Hope you enjoyed.






A Book Review

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post is going to be a book review of one of the books I finished called: Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris.

The book starts off with a teenage high school girl called Kait Lenox who has a very strange hobby of funeral crashing, in the beginning she’s at a funeral, and meets a boy she fancies Ethan Ripley who turns out to be the victim’s half -brother.

His sister is Liz who everyone suspects to have died from a heroin overdose, but something’s off she just doesn’t seem to be the type to do drugs. When she gets caught out by Ethan, she teams up with him to investigate his sister’s death.

It soon becomes investigating other girls who have been suspected of drug overdoses too, all in connection to a boy that all the girls including Liz knew. His name is called Troy.

A good plot, and surprises along the way that all seemed to come together well.

However, the character Kait seems to mention how good looking Ethan is so many times, and how great he is which is clear already. It just felt like too much, okay I get it sort of thing.

There were some typos that I picked up on, but it wasn’t major.

Overall, it was interesting and I gave it 4 stars.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading 🙂

Fan-Girl: Book Review

Hello Everyone!
Today’s post is going to be a book review, of one of the books I read this year.

It’s Fan-Girl by Rainbow Rowell.

The book is about a girl in her freshman year of university called Cath she has an identical twin sister Wren who she used to be close with. Now Wren wants to go to parties, be more outgoing and make new friends, whereas Cath is more focused on writing her fan-fictions about Simon Snow.

Simon Snow is a fictional character, in a series of books by fictional author Gemma T. Leslie.

I liked how involved Cath was in writing her stories, she really enjoyed writing fan-fiction.

Reagan her roommate is quite rude at the start. And happens, to have a boyfriend called Levi but their relationship isn’t really depicted as being that romantic.

Levi is often waiting around their dorm room, for Reagan and often ends up talking more with Cath, who slowly starts opening up a bit more.

There were extracts from chapters of Simon Snow books, which were nice but I felt like there was too much of them, the same with long passages of extracts that Cath’s written that she reads out.

Also, there were extracts of Simon Snow fan fictions Cath has written, a few were with her sister.

Despite having anxiety, and being a lot more involved with studying and writing fan-fiction Cath is still very caring towards her sister and her dad.

The book was good, and was quite insightful and informative.

4/5 stars.



Wow, Already?

This post is going to be about my writing, and some brief mention on my reading. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hello World! 🙂
Well, I’m on chapter 2 of one of my newest books With This We Are One and I’m nearly finished with the chapter, already.

Also, with my play I’ve made up a new song for it.

One of the books I’m reading is: My Dear, I wanted to tell you and is a historical fiction about the war.

I still have more ideas for stories and I’m really excited to start writing them just when I have the time. Busy.

I’ll be writing up one of my other books soon.

With one of my books I’m on Chapter 20, and wow that’s exciting!

Looking for opportunities, also as this is really important to me.

With my book/story ”The List” I’m on chapter 14 already which I’m still getting ideas for.

That’s some for now.
Thank you so much,
Much appreciated
– Lizzy

My Thoughts: What you gain from Reading♡

This is just my general thoughts on what you can gain from reading, and I’m just sharing what I think and could also help. 🙂

Firstly, reading is immensely beneficial and great to help with your writing. By doing so, you can – immediately gain an understanding of how a particular book is structured and how the story progresses especially with the right terminology and words.

Secondly, how a book starts is a very good foundation, as it can vary a few short words that are descriptive can immediately draw the reader in. Helps you become more imaginative especially if there’s no pictures this makes you focus solely on the story itself, and whether or not it’s interesting and well written.

Also, you can find out what books you like depending on various factors such as: genre and book covers.

Which in turn, could also help you with spelling. Often, there are words that I find in books that I’m not particularly familiar with, using a dictionary is essential as this can give you the meaning of words that can also help extend your vocabulary.

Reading, is also very calming, so be prepared for such a relaxing atmosphere.

Understand why some characters, are the way that they are and whether you can also relate to them in any way possible. It’s also so great, for you to gain ideas for your own stories which can help your story flow.

It can also help give an insight and overview of what can happen in the world, if it mentions little things that are related to some current issues.

It especially gives you more confidence, in many different areas such as: speaking clearly and being able to read out loud.

Well, those are just my thoughts
P.S. if I think of anymore, this will be updated
Thanks, yours truly