A Sudden Spark

Hello Everyone!:)
Hope you’re all well
I’m back with a new post about, yes, my writing and etc.

I have been writing some more brief ideas for my newest stories that I haven’t started writing yet.

Also, I’m so close to finishing a book I’ve been reading called: The Circle.

I also managed to come up with a new brief idea, hence, the title of this post. I will expand on it and, well, just excited about it too.

I’ll be writing new ideas that I get as regularly as I can.

I’ve added a bit more to a few of my stories I’m currently working on. So, that’s going well.

And yes, further research I’m also doing in terms of: writing, publishing etc.

I’ll be watching La La Land soon and also looking for musicals to watch.

One I want to watch so badly is Dear Evan Hansen but it’s in New York, U.S. and I’m not there. I like a lot of the songs from it though (I haven’t heard all of them yet).

Thanks for reading,
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Yep, still going :)

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I’m back with a new post and it’s about my writing etc with some mention on my latest story ideas.

For my story: Playing Emily, I’ve started writing down some brief ideas for it that I can later expand on when I start writing it.

Also, I’ve made some brief ideas for my other latest story Blue Creek.

I also have some brief points for one of my stories and, well, it’s for a possible sequel for my latest story I’ve completed called: The List.

I added more to my story Z: The Mysterious Book, and it’s going well.

Yes, of course, added more to the sequel of my story The Sign of Danger.

I have so many ideas.

I may do another character profile post of one of the other characters.

And I’ve seen The Age of Adaline, now.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you enjoyed.
And have a nice day! 🙂


Going Well

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Hope you’re all well.
This is a new post about my writing and etc. 

I’ve written down some brief ideas for the first chapter for one of my latest stories (that I haven’t started yet) the current title being Blue Creek.

I plan on writing more brief ideas for it.

I’ll also be writing down some brief ideas for another one of my latest stories Playing Emily the genre will possibly be a psychological thriller.

I’ll be re-writing the first chapter of one of my stories: The Missing Tree, I only managed to get to chapter 2 so far.

And as a whole this story of mine will have at least 20 something chapters.

There’s also some ideas I have for new original poems too.

I’m so close to finishing chapter 27, of one of my stories. So, that’s exciting too.

Also, close to finishing a book I’m reading.

One of the films I’m looking forward to watching is: The age of Adaline.

Well, that’s some for now.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading 🙂

Made a Start

Hello Everyone!🙂🙃

I’m back with a new post that’s about yes, my writing and with some brief mention on other things. Enjoy!~

I have started writing down one of my story ideas and the title currently is: Playing Emily.

A brief synopsis: it’s about a girl that gets a role originally assigned for another person, and becomes too immersed in the role.

This could possibly be a psychological thriller.

Looking forward to writing this soon. 🙂

I’ll be writing a few brief ideas for some other stories of mine.🗒

Then, of course, I’ll be also adding more to a few of my stories.

And nearly finished with the book I’m currently reading.

Also, will be doing some research.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you enjoyed it.🙂

Even More Ideas

Hello World!
Today’s post is about some new ideas that I have for my writing and etc.

With one of my stories that I’m still planning called: The Revenge Cycle I’m thinking of each chapter being about a character and from the P.O.V. of the character and how it all ties in to the plot of the story.

Some chapters will be called ”Everyone” something along those lines that involve a shared story among characters or a situation.

The main point of the story is about revenge. There’s still some further planning I’m doing in order to be able to form the characters stories, personalities and etc.

The sequel to my story I finished when I was 16 (four years ago) The Sign of Danger I’m currently on chapter 6 of, I have some ideas for chapter 7 which will focus on Bethany asking Marcus Jensen whether or not he knew of Peter Henson’s friendship with her mum and etc.

For my story With This We Are One I’m on Chapter 9 of and I’ve added more to it and Michelle and one of her friends and colleagues Xavier talk about something that Michelle sometimes worries about, she also talks to her boss Rachel in her office.
This is more of a Contemporary Romance story.

With Z: The Mysterious Book I’m thinking of probably starting it off with one of the friends having to move away.

Also thinking of  a possible sequel to my short story: Star in the Making.

Even ideas for other short stories of mine e.g. romance.

These are just some ideas.
Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

Kind Regards,



Ideas: My Original Poetry & My Wattpad♡☁

Hello everyone! Firstly, this post is just going to be about some ideas I have for my original poetry. c:

Seeing as I write original poetry, some of which I shared on my blog. I’ve had plans for a while now to share it on my Wattpad account, where a couple of my books are on. This is because I love Wattpad and it’s a great platform for me to show and share my creativity; and people are able to read it and vote as well as comment too.

I honestly feel that sharing it on my Wattpad account, it would get such good feedback and a wonderful response that I would be so excited and proud about.

The original poems I’ve shared on here, a lot of you seem to like.

And it’s helped give me the confidence, a little which is what I needed.

The rest of my original poetry will now be on my Wattpad page, so if you all are interested in reading other original poetry of mine, feel free to read it there when I actually put it up that is.

I may also make an account on a poetry type website, where I can also put my original poetry.

Furthermore, my work is also protected on the website which is another thing I love about it.

Thank you all so much,
Yours truly,

Here I go again: Ideas on making my own show♡

Yes, I’m sure you’ve realised the title of my post is identical to that of a song. It’s ”Here I go again” by Whitesnake. Anyways, this will be about my ideas of making a reporter/journalist type of show to be put up on YouTube (if I actually go through with it.)

I’ve only decided of this recently, as a way to get myself known because that is what I want SO MUCH! And I always have ideas especially for all my loves e.g. writing, songs, poems and etc. This would be an opportunity for me; that I would take with no second thoughts and just dive right into it.

~Another reason, is because I actually want to get a journalist/reporter job and be writing for newspapers and magazines and share my talents and skills. The benefits that would come out of doing this is endless…

I can help people that are also trying to work on their craft of trying to be successful in their desired professions and interview them from the times they are doing gigs, and local performances. And get their views on topics and ask questions on their plans for their future in their profession.

I mean, how cool is that?

I know I would honestly love interviewing.♡

Also, getting opportunities from companies and local newspapers, magazines that instantly want me would be like my dreams are finally coming true (in that sense, literally).

I can continue doing this, and having fun and working hard, and probably be offered the opportunities of interviewing celebrities.♡

Well, I’ll keep you updated for further announcements ~
Thank you, all c:
Lizzy 🙂