All This Time

Hello Everyone!
A new post about my writing and etc.

I have finished the first chapter of the sequel of my short story: Star in the Making and I’m now on chapter 2.

Also, I have written two new original poems ๐Ÿ™‚

With one of my stories The List, I added more to chapter 28 and I have some ideas for the next chapter too, so that’s exciting.

I have also added more to some of my other stories and even added a bit more to my play: Moving on Up.

Today I also did some research for other stories of mine, because I have some ideas for stories set in other countries possibly. One research today was transport in the 1980’s in London.

I’ve been reading a few books too, one being a mystery/thriller. ๐Ÿ™‚

I added more to chapter 1 of one of my stories Z: The Mysterious Book and so close to finishing it off; and already some ideas for the next chapter so I’m enjoying writing this also.

That’s some for now.

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Start of Something New

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about my writing with some brief mention on some plans that I have. And the title of the post, I got from a song in HSM. ๐Ÿ™‚

For my story Z: The Mysterious Book I will be planning out the first chapter with some brief outlines.

I may possibly also write other short stories, and there may be a sequel to my first short story: Star in the Making.

I’m getting closer to finishing my story: The List which I’m currently on chapter 26 of.

And I love writing, and there will also be some new original poetry I will be writing too.

I might also put up a sample of the prologue of my story/book The List.

And oh I’ve also made up a new song, which I’m still planning a second verse for. It’s another catchy one, and it’s fun.

I will also try to get more involved in competitions, and I’m also reading a short mystery story called Killer Cupcakes.

I’m also getting so close to finishing off chapter 8 of one of my stories/books With This We Are One (current title).

That’s some for now.

Thank you, for reading.
Many Regards,
Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚

Another Platformโ™ก

Hello Everyone!
I’ve still been writing and I’ve made an account on another writing site that I’ve put a few of my original poems on and my short story.ย 

It’s called Prose and so far I like it and I’m still new on it.
People have liked my works and I intend to put more up, and also with my book The List I’m nearly finished with chapter 25.

There’s also different portals to write in too.

The best friends are unable to get in contact with Katie, and manage to get some contact details of Brett’s and meet another one of Annabelle’s friends.

I’ve added more to one of my other stories With This We Are One which I’m currently on chapter 8 of but I already have ideas for chapter 9.

Another one of my stories I’m still currently planning I have some names for two characters so far Connie Miller and Mallory Wilcox there will be others. And yes, it’s for my story Z: The Mysterious Book.

Thanks for reading,

And more Thrills :)

Hello Everyone!
This is a new update about my writing and etc.ย 

With one of my stories ”The List” I’m currently on chapter 24 and I have also added more to it, and I also have more ideas for it and some ideas for the next chapter too.

I really enjoy the direction that it’s going in. Hannah’s cousin Officer Charlie also tells them some important information too.

I’ve also been watching some musicals e.g. Our House and etc.

My Play: Moving on Up I’m currently on Act 2: scene 4. I also have some ideas for this too.

Also, more surprises happen in my book/story The List.

Yes, there’s even more story ideas I’ve come up with for other stories of mine. However, it’s always exciting when I come up with more.

With another one of my stories I’ve come up with a few ideas for chapter 8 the chapter I’m currently on and also some ideas for the next chapter.

A lot of creativity.

It’s still amazing how many ideas I’m coming up with especially with my book/story The List and I’m excited to start writing up chapter 25 when I’m finished with chapter 24.

The title for chapter 24 currently is Unexpected Surprises.

My book/story Paparazzi I’m on chapter 2 and some ideas of what else to add to it.

Further research for different things.

Thanks for reading,
That’s some for now.

This may be updated.
Yours Truly,

More Writing

Hello World!
This post is about my writing, I will also mention some of my other stories.

So with my story/book ”The List” I’m on chapter 24 and I have started it and added more to it today. It’s going really good, and with one of my other stories I’m on chapter 8 already.

In my book/story The List the two friends are still getting as much more information from people that can be helpful in solving the Annabelle Harper case along with helping the police.

Another person they will be investigating is James Kinsley, someone that was mentioned by Brett Jenkins.

They also meet another one of Annabelle’s friends in a chapter soon.

In my book/storyย With This We Are One (title currently, might change) Michelle is a journalist that is struggling with coming up with a news story, and when she meets up with Ethan Benson she gets to know him better, but he’s deaf and a talented musician and doesn’t let that stop him.

There’s more but not giving away too much, sorry.

I might do a character’s profile for it soon, maybe.

I’ve also added more to my play: Moving On Up.

That’s some for now.

Yours Kindly,
Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚


Research & More

Hello Everyone!
A new update, about my writing and etc.
And some research, I’ve been doing.

I have been doing some research, for my writing e.g. tips for writing, publishing advice and etc.

There will be more research I’ll be doing too.

I’m also on chapter 23 of one of my stories ”The List” and I’ve added more to it and there will be more that I will be adding.

I also added more to my play Moving on Up for Act 2: Scene 3.

With one of my stories Paparazzi, I’m on chapter 2 now so that’s good.

I have also finished chapter 8 of one of my stories, which I’m happy about.

Chapter 23 of my book ”The List” focuses on the two friends Jessica and Hannah meeting up with Brett at the Tennis court, to get more information about James Kinsley.

That’s some for now,
Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

-Yours Kindly,

More Planning

Hello World!
This post is mostly about one of my stories ”The List” and how I’ve planned more ideas for some other chapters, already.

It’s really exciting, how many ideas I have for this story of mine. And I’m currently on chapter 20 now, wow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chapter 20 focuses on Jessica and Hannah going to the library to photocopy important information they have found so far in Annabelle’s diary, and they also try to get the coding sheet that Brett has to decipher the second code that was found in the diary.

Some other things happen in the chapter too.

I’ve also planned some ideas for the next chapter (chapter 21), 22, 23 and 24 so far.

I’m nearly finished with chapter 5 of one of my stories/books.

And yes, I still have more ideas.
Which is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my other mystery/thriller stories that consists of 21 chapters, and that I completed when I was 16 is called: The Sign of Danger. One of my stories is a sequel and I’m currently on chapter 6.

Thanks for reading.