Slowly but Surely

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post is an update about my writing, an event and etc.

On Wednesday, I went to an event. That had an author, Simon Toyne, talk about his book called: The Boy Who Saw.
I wasn’t there from the start of the event, but it was still good. Also, he mentioned another one of his books called: Solomon Creed; which is the first part.

It was at the Barking Learning Centre.

I asked him a question which was: ”Do you write in other genres too?”

I can’t remember everything he said exactly. He replied, ”Yes, I do. When it comes to writing, I don’t really think of genre but what’s a good idea.”

He talked about writing, books, favourite authors etc.

And he wished me the best of luck with my writing, and gave me a handshake. And honestly, I wasn’t even expecting that; the handshake that is.

And about my writing, I’ve finally started re-writing the first chapter for my story: The Missing Tree. However, I’m writing  it down on paper for now.

Yes, I’ve added more to some of my stories. Still doing what I can,and the ideas keep coming. And as for my latest story ideas, they’re great!

Okay, thanks for reading.
Have a nice day!
Hope you all enjoyed it! 🙂





Taking the Time #2

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Back with a new post about my writing and a few plans.

Firstly, I’ve added more to chapter 15 of one of my stories. And yes, I know what else I want to include in the chapter, which is good.

Also, I’ve added more to a few of my other stories.

I’ll have another completed manuscript/story soon. And, well, I’m excited about that and the other story ideas I have.

Oh, I’ve watched a revival production of Carrie: The Musical, and it was good. I mean, I’ve seen a production of the original that was in the 80’s and the quality wasn’t all that great but, it was still enjoyable.

I saw it on YouTube.

There were new songs in it, too.

I’ll be writing more story ideas, I have down. I’ve been also thinking about having a short story set in Japan, too.

One of my current stories, is the sequel to my short story: Star in the Making. And yes, another short story.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great day! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed it!

Taking the Time #1♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Back with a new post about my writing, musicals and etc.
I mention the two I’ve seen this week.

Firstly, I’ve started chapter 15 of one of my stories. Also, the chapter will focus on different things with some dramatic conflicts.

Yes, I’ve added a little to other stories of mine, too.

I’m nearly finished with chapter 5 of another story of mine. There’s still some ideas I have for it which is good; some of what the next chapter will involve is the four friends finding a possible address to help with the mystery behind the book.

Possibly, with a former friend.

I have watched Wonderland (musical) which was quite good but kind of confusing. However, it did have some catchy songs.

I’ve also seen a production of Bring it On: The musical. Finally, I’ve seen the musical and it was good and the songs, too. Also, I like the teamwork and friendship between most of the characters and trying new things

And yes, of course, there’s more ideas I have.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed it.


So Much!

Hello Everyone!:D
I’m back with a new post, mainly, about my writing. 

Firstly, I’ve finished chapter 14 of one of my stories. Also, I’ve added quite a lot to chapter 5 of a story of mine, Z: The Mysterious Book, so that’s exciting. :):D

I mean, of course, I love writing and the ideas I get too.

And yes, more ideas just keep coming.

Roughly, I know the amount of chapters I want for some of my stories.

I’m so proud that I managed to finish my story; The List this year, too.

I’ll also be writing more ideas down.

I’m planning on watching The Last Five Years film adaptation as I’ve seen a production of it on YouTube.

For those that write also, best of luck.

Oh, I also heard that Once on This Island is having a US revival. So cool, I’ve seen a production of it on YouTube and would like to watch the revival, too.

Okay, thank you all for reading.
Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Proud Moments♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂 😀
Yes, back with a new post about my writing and etc.

Firstly, I’ve added more to a few of my stories. One being, Z: The Mysterious Book which I’m now on Chapter 5 of.

Also, thinking of how to rewrite chapter 1 of a story of mine called: The Missing Tree. Yes, it’s also a mystery/thriller. 🙂

With the sequel to my story, Star in the Making. I’m on chapter 3 and still have further ideas to include in this too, and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also coming up with more story ideas, too many. However, it’s fun as I’ll always have more projects/stories to be working on.

I’m still thinking of a story of mine being set in Japan.

Oh, I’m also reading too. Of course, will be writing more original poetry when I can, that is.

I’m proud of myself, as of now, I have four completed manuscripts.

Overall, I’m very ambitious and love writing. ♡ 🙂

Thank you all for reading.
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


So, for a Moment: An Update♡

Hi Everyone! 🙂
Well, back with a new post about writing and some things I’ve got planned.

I, for one, have added a lot more to chapter 4 of my story Z: The Mysterious Book. Also, I have started chapter 14 of another one of my stories.

I have got more ideas for more ideas of some of my current stories I’m writing and will be writing them down in brief points.

Yes, of course, I wrote a new original poem today. The current title for it, is called: Hear me.

Oh, yes, I have thought about one of my newest stories quite a bit. And, well, I feel like I’ve got a little idea  of how I’m starting it and will possibly be in a similar style to my story: The List.

Literally, too many ideas come to mind.

One of the stories, I have in mind is a man that gets trapped in a hotel(possibly) and receives help and clues from an unknown caller. Hmm, already excited for it. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Hope you enjoyed it.


Ideas keep Coming♡

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Hope you’re all well.
I’m back with a new post about my writing, ideas and etc.

I added more to a couple of my stories, and I’m nearly finished with chapter 27 for one of them.

Also, I’ve applied for a writing opportunity. So, we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve seen La La Land now and it was good and some songs too.

I’m planning on rewriting the first chapter to my story The Missing Tree, when I have the time.

And yes, of course, there’s more ideas I keep getting but I’m looking forward to writing them someday. 🙂

I will also be writing a new original poem at some point.

I’ve also seen the PLL finale, and it was good but it’s a little sad it was the last episode. I may do a little review on this, perhaps.

If anyone else likes the show, that’s great. 🙂

There’ll be more musicals I’ll be watching.

Thank you for reading,
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂