Staying Inspired

Hello World!
This post is going to be about staying inspired.
There possibly will be a follow- up to this.
This is going to be a few ways I stay inspired especially with my writing. 🙂

Firstly, yes music is great and even in being able to really help when I’m writing especially if it’s a song that goes well with a particular chapter I’m writing and also the genre too.

I also watch videos, even adults and young people that share how their experiences are with their writing and what their goals are; and what they’ve accomplished. Advice that’s given from all different types of videos are also helpful.

These include: YouTube videos e.g. book- tubers, vloggers

It also helps in being able for me to come up with new ideas for content and gives me an insight into what I could do if and when I start making videos in being able to gain more audiences.

Getting involved in some writing workshops, also helps give me more tips on what I could do with my writing even further and being able to provide my creativity and do something that I love doing too.

Musicals and studying how certain elements that really help make the musical great. Certain characters, settings, dialogue and etc. (I love musicals) Yes, I’m writing a play that I started in 2013 and I’m still writing now and it’s my first attempt at one.

Seeing as I come up with ideas a lot, there possibly will be others too.

That’s some for now.

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy. 🙂



New Update: Theatre, 2 Plays, Writing etc♡

This is just a new update post, into what I’ve been up to, to give you a little insight which can be very interesting. It will include theatre and writing, which are just a couple of things out of a range of many interests I have and really love.

I watched two plays, on the 27th of this month, and they were both interesting and good with comedic aspects to them which allows a relaxed and humorous atmosphere. The first was called ”Electricity”  and follows four young people as they transition into adulthood and are going down the path of self- destruction. A tragedy occurs, which then forces them to reassess their lives and find themselves in society, this was really good and insightful.

There was this one character a boy Gus, who was a bit manic and weird, and kept talking about a heart defect problem at the start of the play only to go off on a tangent on healthy paths to take in order to feel better e.g. Sex and others. The manner of which he spoke, and brought out his points, were funny. Another character in this particular play, was funny too as she already had her life planned and the fact that she fell in love with anyone that she meets, there’s a boy named Joe that has a tragic event and she plans out every move like a character from a movie playing one of the main leads.

The 2nd one ”My Beautiful City”  is about an abandoned launderette that becomes a gateway to a beautiful city. The 8 broken souls that are transported then encounter the beginning to a powerful discovery of many factors e.g life, themselves and more. I really liked how insightful the play was, with the complex relationships that most of the characters shared. Another thing, is that I was able to learn the reasons as to why the characters behaved the way that they do. The day just was really good!! 🙂

About Writing I attended a writing group session, for writers. It was my first time, seeing as I was informed about it through e-mail. I got to listen to stories written by 3 of the members and gained an understanding and insight as to what the stories were about. The next one will be on July 11th – and I will be reading a few chapters of one of my completed stories/books I finished at the age of 16 ”The Sign of Danger.” At the moment, I’m still writing, and gaining further ideas for newer stories of mine. From watching T.V. shows and much more they really help me with gaining ideas especially when I take breaks to really reflect on what I’ve written and other things too.

More updates coming soon…
Thank you, Lizzy 🙂

General thoughts/opinions: Meghan Trainor & Original Poem

Okay, so I really like Meghan Trainor and her music too, it’s so enjoyable and I always want to dance along and sing along with the music too. Here I will also include an original poem inspired by her, called ”Meghan Trainor” and I all hope you enjoy it, I wrote it yesterday.

You should all listen to her songs, from her debut album ”Title.”

Her music has like 50’s influence on them, and has a doo – wop sound which I think is really lovely. She also just seems like a really nice person.

If your a fan already, that’s awesome, instant friends! 🙂

Well, here’s my poem.

Meghan Trainor: Original Poem
Meghan, is so great
That if I met her, we’d celebrate
Her music, is awesome, and I always feel to dance
Just doing what I can, to get a chance.
Is what I long for, what I need
That chance to just tell her, how she inspires me.
I wish I could talk to her, become a friend
And stay in contact, till the very end.

©2015 Lizzy

Update: Stories/Books & Etc. ☾♥ – (Personal)

Right, Everyone this is just going to be a general/personal update on some things that’s been going on. Including my books/stories and other general things that’s been up.

Firstly, I’m still currently writing one of my stories ”The Dark Side” and with this I’m on chapter 21 at the moment nearly done with the story. I enjoyed writing this one, but sometimes I’m left wondering, okay this is good how am I going to end it? You know? However, I constantly come up with ideas from time to time that I often jot down or incorporate it in the story.

Quick Synopsis:
16 year old Cecelia gets a little drunk, becomes lost and is invited in by a woman called Felicity and a 17 year old boy, who she realises are into mythology with their love for mythical creatures and knows immediately something’s up in the way they behave. They are hiding something. And feels the need to help them once she gets to know them better. Genre: Mystery/Thriller.

This story of mine has hit 5.9k reads on my Wattpad account, and I’m thoroughly overjoyed by the response to my book. :)’

It’s really such a great feeling, when so many people enjoy reading your book/work. So grateful and pleased by it all.

I have so many other stories that I’m writing, one being TSOD (The sign of Danger 2: Closer to the Truth) which is the sequel to my other book ”The Sign of Danger.” Which if you were wondering is also a mystery/thriller.

I’m still writing original poems, when I can and will post more sooner or later.

College has also been getting in the way, so I’m just overworked and stressed honestly.

There’s projects that I’m doing in groups, one being a music video that needs to be finished.

And I’m constantly coming up with: ideas for  my own reporter show, and a film adaptation for my book ”The Sign of Danger.”

Furthermore, a book of mine being published too.

So Stay tuned!

Thank you all so much,
Lizzy ♥

Here I go again: Ideas on making my own show♡

Yes, I’m sure you’ve realised the title of my post is identical to that of a song. It’s ”Here I go again” by Whitesnake. Anyways, this will be about my ideas of making a reporter/journalist type of show to be put up on YouTube (if I actually go through with it.)

I’ve only decided of this recently, as a way to get myself known because that is what I want SO MUCH! And I always have ideas especially for all my loves e.g. writing, songs, poems and etc. This would be an opportunity for me; that I would take with no second thoughts and just dive right into it.

~Another reason, is because I actually want to get a journalist/reporter job and be writing for newspapers and magazines and share my talents and skills. The benefits that would come out of doing this is endless…

I can help people that are also trying to work on their craft of trying to be successful in their desired professions and interview them from the times they are doing gigs, and local performances. And get their views on topics and ask questions on their plans for their future in their profession.

I mean, how cool is that?

I know I would honestly love interviewing.♡

Also, getting opportunities from companies and local newspapers, magazines that instantly want me would be like my dreams are finally coming true (in that sense, literally).

I can continue doing this, and having fun and working hard, and probably be offered the opportunities of interviewing celebrities.♡

Well, I’ll keep you updated for further announcements ~
Thank you, all c:
Lizzy 🙂

General 101: Forming a Book Club

Forming a book club can be very fun, when your sharing your love for reading and books with other people. In other words, book lovers, bookworms whichever you like to call it, you get to all have an input on what story you would like to read and all talk about certain things that’s happened within the book.

Basically, I’ve been thinking of forming one myself and is slightly the inspiration behind me writing/typing up this post. I remember going to one when I was in Secondary School, and it didn’t last that long but – I enjoyed the time that I was there and we also got to eat some snacks e.g. cookies, biscuits.

The fact that each day, someone can come up with a suggestion and synopsis of what the book was about also helps to make it engaging. Spending it with people that are lovely and friendly makes for a calm atmosphere.

Another fun thing, is having the book club in different locations to help change things up once in a while e.g. it being at a park, a friend’s house, your house, back garden etc.

I mean what isn’t there to enjoy, you get to read books (which I love) and have some snacks and drinks and probably even form a short piece from a character’s point of view.

It can also be plays, that you can do too.

Yours Truly,
Lizzy 🙂

Thoughts on Self Worth: Knowing Yours

It’s important that you take your self worth in to consideration, and know that you have something to share with the world.

Everyone is important in their own way, and are worth more than they are sometimes given credit for. Everyone has that uniqueness that makes them stand out, and achieve much bigger and great things. We all have the rights to do what we love, and say what we want whenever we want, and that’s taking action.

Don’t get too disheartened, and feel ashamed. And don’t put yourself down, by saying horrible things about your appearance, your just as good looking as the next person. In fact, you may have something that brings out your beauty, that someone else may not have. It’s good to just look up, instead of looking down.

If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, think about it this way are they even worth your time? Cut people off, that have negative impacts on your life, and surround yourself around positive and influential people.

So all in all, everyone has something to give and are worth something, never say your not. :)’ Your important, your beautiful, smart, good looking all of the above. :)’ This is something I’m taken into consideration, with achieving bigger and greater things.

And try looking at inspirational and motivational quotes, and have them written down for a daily reference and reminder.

From, Lizzy 😀