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Hello Everyone!
Another post about my writing and etc.
Title from another song from a musical I haven’t seen – which seemed fitting.

I have added more to one of my stories With This We Are One and so close to finishing it now. I did add a lot, which is good.

Now with some of my other stories I also added more to, and I’m even close to finishing chapter 6 of the sequel to my story The Sign of Danger.

I have added a sample of the prologue of another one of my stories The List on my prose account. This is the link:

If you have an account, you can message me.

I’m also looking at other musicals to watch and there are some I’m excited to watch.

I have been getting a lot of ideas for original poetry lately and also came up with a new book idea; however I happen to have a lot of book ideas.

I will also be adding some more to my play: Moving On Up.

Oh! I have some actors and actresses that I can possibly cast as some characters for a story of mine Z: The Mysterious Book.

I’ve considered some for my story With This We Are One which is diverse.

That’s some for now.
Kind Regards.


Another Platform♡

Hello Everyone!
I’ve still been writing and I’ve made an account on another writing site that I’ve put a few of my original poems on and my short story. 

It’s called Prose and so far I like it and I’m still new on it.
People have liked my works and I intend to put more up, and also with my book The List I’m nearly finished with chapter 25.

There’s also different portals to write in too.

The best friends are unable to get in contact with Katie, and manage to get some contact details of Brett’s and meet another one of Annabelle’s friends.

I’ve added more to one of my other stories With This We Are One which I’m currently on chapter 8 of but I already have ideas for chapter 9.

Another one of my stories I’m still currently planning I have some names for two characters so far Connie Miller and Mallory Wilcox there will be others. And yes, it’s for my story Z: The Mysterious Book.

Thanks for reading,

Fan-Girl: Book Review

Hello Everyone!
Today’s post is going to be a book review, of one of the books I read this year.

It’s Fan-Girl by Rainbow Rowell.

The book is about a girl in her freshman year of university called Cath she has an identical twin sister Wren who she used to be close with. Now Wren wants to go to parties, be more outgoing and make new friends, whereas Cath is more focused on writing her fan-fictions about Simon Snow.

Simon Snow is a fictional character, in a series of books by fictional author Gemma T. Leslie.

I liked how involved Cath was in writing her stories, she really enjoyed writing fan-fiction.

Reagan her roommate is quite rude at the start. And happens, to have a boyfriend called Levi but their relationship isn’t really depicted as being that romantic.

Levi is often waiting around their dorm room, for Reagan and often ends up talking more with Cath, who slowly starts opening up a bit more.

There were extracts from chapters of Simon Snow books, which were nice but I felt like there was too much of them, the same with long passages of extracts that Cath’s written that she reads out.

Also, there were extracts of Simon Snow fan fictions Cath has written, a few were with her sister.

Despite having anxiety, and being a lot more involved with studying and writing fan-fiction Cath is still very caring towards her sister and her dad.

The book was good, and was quite insightful and informative.

4/5 stars.



Story Directions & Etc

Hello Everyone!
This post is just some brief mention on story directions and my writing.
It will also include some other things.

My story/book ”The List” I’m currently on chapter 22 now and I really like the direction that it’s going in. I also enjoy writing it, and I still have some more ideas for this.

I have also been doing some research.

With one of my other stories I’m on chapter 7 and nearly finished with and I like the direction it’s going in too.

I’m writing a lot of my stories, and with my play I’m currently on Scene 2: Act 2 and Billy’s mum finds out that he’s left the house and is missing.

I’m writing some ideas for chapters for some of my other stories, I’ve done some for The List and probably write more. This particular story of mine may have at least 32 chapters it depends – it’s roughly what I was going for.

I may possibly add some twists, and some new characters in it. In one chapter, the two friends Jessica and Hannah meet up with another one of Annabelle’s friends that might be able to help them even more.

Chapter 21 focused on them finding out what the murder weapon is and etc.

There will also be a book review of Fan-Girl by Rainbow Rowell.
A book I finished recently.

Thanks for reading.

Yours Kindly,

More Thrills: About Ideas♡

Hello World!
My post for today will be about my book ideas with some mention about my writing. 

With one of my newest stories Z: The Mysterious Book I’ve done more planning for and the names of the characters I haven’t decided yet.

A group of friends find a mysterious book that has similar information to someone that they know, due to some circumstances the girl moved away or so they believe.

(Not giving a lot of way, sorry) 🙂 ♡

When I start writing this one, I feel there will be a lot of twists and it will be enjoyable for me to write.

Also, I’ve come up with another new story which will be called Kaleidoscope – summary/synopsis I haven’t come up with just yet.

There’s also a vampire story of mine where a girl becomes a leader to some vampires after their leader’s gone.

There’s also Blogging Reality about this person that uses information about people and puts in their blog – but exaggerates and also lies to the extent that other people start fearing the ones mentioned online and causes problems.

(I have other book ideas, not all are going to be included in this post).

However with my book With This We Are One I’m nearly done with Chapter 3 already and chapter 14 of my book The List is going well nearly finished with the chapter too.

More about my writing soon.
Also a post about what I like about my ideas – coming up with them.

Thank you so much.
Yours Kindly,