Update: Getting so Close

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
I’m back with a new post that will be about my writing and etc.

Firstly, I’m so close to finishing my story: The List.
I’m currently on chapter 32 which will possibly be the last chapter, it’s the amount of chapters I originally had for it.

An epilogue will possibly be added.

I’m amazed by the amount of ideas I had for it; it’s been great, like, I’ve enjoyed writing it so much.

I’ve also added more to chapter 13 of one of my stories: With This We Are One and that’s also going well.

I’m getting close to finishing two books I’m reading too.

Yes, of course, been having more ideas for stories. E.g. one being set in Japan.

Also, researching too: writing events, publishing etc.

I’ve seen Memphis: the musical now it’s good.


I’ve also seen a production of Tarzan: the musical that was good too and, well, I’ve also seen the Disney film more than once which is great.

Going to write further story ideas down.

Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚
Hope you enjoyed it.


Still Going…

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
Back with a new post, which will about my writing, a few plans and etc.

Well, I’m now, on chapter 32 of one of my stories: The List. Which will be most likely the last chapter, as this was actually the amount of chapters I had in mind for this story of mine.Β β™‘

I’ve also added a lot more to chapter 12 of another one of my stories, and there will be more that I will be adding too. So, that I’m on chapter 13.

I’ll be watching Memphis: the musical one day, it’s a musical that I want to watch.

I’m currently on chapter 3 of my story Z: The Mysterious Book which I will be writing up more ideas for so that I can finish the chapter. πŸ™‚

Also, I’ve been reading.

Another one of my stories, I’m on chapter 27 and added some more to it. Not close to finishing it just yet though.

And yes, I also had a great birthday last week.

Thank you for reading,
Hope you enjoyed.Β β™‘ πŸ™‚

Favourite Books of 2016

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
Happy New Year!
And I hope you all had a good one.
This post will be about some of my favourite books that I read last year.

One of the books that I read and really liked was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg it had a good story-line, and I enjoyed it. It was quite a quick read, I do want to read the other two books.

I gave it 4 stars.

Another one was:Β Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris, it was a interesting mystery and had a good plot that came together quite well, also with the clues that were included too.

It starts off with a teenage girl Kait Lenox who has a strange hobby of crashing funerals and the funeral she attends is none other than her crush Ethan Ripley’s half sister Liz. From then on, the whole investigating begins with her helping him find out what happened to his sister. As, it’s been reported that she died from an overdose but she doesn’t seem like the type to take drugs.

Also four stars.

The Doll by J.C. Martin was another good one I enjoyed, it was a horror short story. Thought I try something new, and it was interesting. It also had enough creepy elements included to add to the feel of the book.
There was a lot of research that was done for the tourist attraction that was included in this book The Island of Dolls which is a real place in Mexico. A woman called Joyce and her young daughter Taylor; go to visit it where they are shown around by a tour guide who tells them a scary story that happened.

Taylor takes a doll home, which Joyce warned to leave alone, and becomes clear bad things will happen.

I gave this 4 stars too.

Fan- girl by Rainbow Rowell was another which I gave four stars too, it was good and Cath has similar interests e.g. writing. There were too many pieces of Cath’s fan fiction though.

That’s some for now,
I hope you enjoyed and
thanks for reading. πŸ™‚



Almost There :)

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Mine was good, and this post will be about my writing with some mention on other things e.g. reading.

I’m still currently on Chapter 31 of my story: The List and will find some time to start writing it. So close to finishing it, wow!

I’ve also added a lot more to chapter 11 of one of my other stories: WTWAO (With This We Are One (Current title), may change but I do like it.

I still have some ideas for it, so I will be close to finishing it and can then be on chapter 12.

Also, will be trying to do some writing competitions.

I’m also on chapter 26 of another story of mine, and I’ve also added more to that.

I have also finished a book called: Did I Mention I Love You? and completed my goodreads reading challenge.

Chapter 3 of another story of mine Z: The Mysterious Book I have started writing, and will continue with it when I can.

Also, will be writing more original poetry.

Will also be looking for more movies and musicals to watch.

There may also be a post of my favourite reads of this year.

Thank you for reading,
Hope you enjoyed!



Putting it Together #2

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
I have a new post that’s about my writing, with some mention on other things.
I hope you’re all doing well, and enjoy.

Merry Christmas Eve, may you all have a great day! πŸ™‚

I’m on chapter 31 now for one of my stories: The List, which I still have some ideas for. I’ll start writing the chapter when I can.

For another story/book of mine: With This We Are One I’ve added some more to and still currently on chapter 11. I have a current playlist for this, some of the songs include All this time by Tiffany, All Star by Smash mouth, Love Song – by Sara Bareilles and Love it when you call by The Feeling.

I still have some ideas for this story of mine, which also involves Michelle meeting up with Ethan again in the chapter.

I also finished watching a Beauty and The Beast stage production, it was good and it also had some additional songs. πŸ™‚

I’m also on the last chapter, of one of the stories that I’m reading.

I will possibly start writing chapter 3 of one of my stories Z: The Mysterious Book.

Also, here’s an original poem I put up yesterday check it out here:Β https://theprose.com/post/121686/smile-original

Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoyed it.

By Lizzy.


A Book Review

Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚
This post is going to be a book review of one of the books I finished called: Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris.

The book starts off with a teenage high school girl called Kait Lenox who has a very strange hobby of funeral crashing, in the beginning she’s at a funeral, and meets a boy she fancies Ethan Ripley who turns out to be the victim’s half -brother.

His sister is Liz who everyone suspects to have died from a heroin overdose, but something’s off she just doesn’t seem to be the type to do drugs. When she gets caught out by Ethan, she teams up with him to investigate his sister’s death.

It soon becomes investigating other girls who have been suspected of drug overdoses too, all in connection to a boy that all the girls including Liz knew. His name is called Troy.

A good plot, and surprises along the way that all seemed to come together well.

However, the character Kait seems to mention how good looking Ethan is so many times, and how great he is which is clear already. It just felt like too much, okay I get it sort of thing.

There were some typos that I picked up on, but it wasn’t major.

Overall, it was interesting and I gave it 4 stars.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Something More #1

Hello Everyone!
This post will be about my writing with some mention on other things e.g. Reading. Enjoy!

Firstly, I’ve been thinking of doing a playlist for some of my stories. So, I will be choosing some songs that I may think could work well with certain scenes in some of my stories.

I also have finished chapter 25 of one of my stories, and I’m thrilled about that. Along with the fact I have more ideas to add.

With one of the books I’m reading; I only have three chapters left. It’s good, I do like it and it’s a murder mystery.

Another one of the books I’m currently reading, I’m also nearly finished with too.

For my story: The List I’ve added more to and getting close to finishing the chapter, and then I’ll be on chapter 30, hooray!

But honestly, I love the direction of it so much.

And who knows, there could be a sequel depending on whether I have more ideas for one and if I feel like.

Also will be writing down some other story ideas that I have.

That’s some for now.
Thanks for reading.
Kind Regards,