Staying Inspired #2

Hello Everyone!
This the second part of how I stay inspired.
There probably will be another follow up.

Firstly, is by reading about people’s journey to achieving their dreams and goals, even those that I find inspiring.

Also, watching helpful videos that also can give some advice and tips e.g. publishing, opportunities and etc.

Watching interviews can also be helpful in some ways too.

Watching videos, on those I find inspiring and also getting some inspiration from different videos too.

Musicals I also like, and watching them also helps me gain further ideas and helps with the direction too. This also helps me get more ideas, for other possible original plays I might want to write.

Music also helps too. Even when I’m writing too, and can help create a more relaxed atmosphere; which is nice.

Research too, which I often do.

Also, by the ideas I get for my writing especially for my stories.

This is some for now.
Thanks for reading,
Yours Kindly


Staying Inspired

Hello World!
This post is going to be about staying inspired.
There possibly will be a follow- up to this.
This is going to be a few ways I stay inspired especially with my writing. 🙂

Firstly, yes music is great and even in being able to really help when I’m writing especially if it’s a song that goes well with a particular chapter I’m writing and also the genre too.

I also watch videos, even adults and young people that share how their experiences are with their writing and what their goals are; and what they’ve accomplished. Advice that’s given from all different types of videos are also helpful.

These include: YouTube videos e.g. book- tubers, vloggers

It also helps in being able for me to come up with new ideas for content and gives me an insight into what I could do if and when I start making videos in being able to gain more audiences.

Getting involved in some writing workshops, also helps give me more tips on what I could do with my writing even further and being able to provide my creativity and do something that I love doing too.

Musicals and studying how certain elements that really help make the musical great. Certain characters, settings, dialogue and etc. (I love musicals) Yes, I’m writing a play that I started in 2013 and I’m still writing now and it’s my first attempt at one.

Seeing as I come up with ideas a lot, there possibly will be others too.

That’s some for now.

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy. 🙂