Soon, very soon

Hi Everyone! 🙂
Hope you’re well.
Back with a new post about my writing and etc. Enjoy!

I’m nearly finished with chapter 15 of a story of mine and, well, I have ideas for it and how I want the chapter to end. As for the rest of the story, there’s still a lot more.

I did add a little more to the chapter. Also, I wrote down some brief ideas for one of my latest stories, Blue Creek, and some ideas for the 2nd chapter. (I haven’t started writing this yet.)

I’ve been a little busy, even with some studying. I’ll be writing up a new poem when I have a new idea for one, and I’m looking forward to it.

I love my stories and coming up with ideas.

I’ll be putting up a review of a musical I’ve seen recently, it’s called She Loves Me, at some point so look forward to that.

I might even do a song lyric interpretation.

Okay, thanks for reading.
Hope you enjoyed. 🙂




Another Idea

Hello Everyone 🙂
I’m back with a new post about writing. 

I came up with a new story idea and so far it’s very brief. It’s not fully structured but I know what I want to include in the story.

So far, a title I have is something with the word creek in it e.g. Blue Creek maybe.

It involves a young teenage girl who visited the place ”Blue Creek” a lot with her friend (a boy) it was their hangout.

Suddenly, she hears some bad news regarding her friend. As something bad happened to her and he may know something.

The story also involves her struggles, and memories she’s had with her friend etc.

I’m excited for this, and will develop it further.

I also have a title for a new original poem, that I will be writing soon.

Thanks for reading,
Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

In the Moment #1

Hello Everyone!
This new post is about my writing and more.

Firstly, I have added more to some of my stories e.g. With This We Are One, The List and a few others.

I have also written down some other ideas for my story With This We Are One on a notepad.

It’s going really well, so I’m really thrilled about that.

I’m so close to finishing off the first chapter of the sequel to my short story: Star in the Making. The sequel is also another short story and I still have ideas for the next chapter.

And in the sequel: first chapter Amelia finds out from her best friend Giovanna that they’ve both been sent e-mails by the production crew of the show that they’re starring in: Danger around Us about a practice rehearsal on Saturday and she’s eager to tell her dad about it.

For a sample of the first story, you can read it here: Star in the Making- Sample

I’m currently on chapter 10 of my story WTWAO and it focuses on Michelle giving in one of her previous news stories that’s completed to her boss and spending time  with her colleague and one of her best friends Susie; who she talks to about things.

This story of mine is a contemporary/general fiction romance story.

In addition to, I’m so close to finishing chapter 24 of one of my other stories.

Yes, I also have some more ideas for chapter 27 of my story The List.

And I’ve also watched a production of Baby: The Musical now. 🙂

That’s some for now.

You can ask questions about my stories.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
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Getting There.

Hello Everyone!
This post is about my writing with some mention on my original poetry.~

I have two new original poems one being called Kite which was nice.
With my story ”The List” I’m on nearing the end of chapter 26, and it’s likely I’ll be on chapter 27 today.

I have put some of my original poetry on my prose account, which people seem to like and enjoy so that’s good.

Also, with my story With This We Are One I’m now on chapter 9 and added more to it.

Oh, and I added a bit more to part 2 of one of my original poems The Doctor which is in a story form.

I have also got some more ideas for other stories of mine.

Also, been watching some videos about writing and I finished the book that I was reading Killer Cupcakes, it’s good.

One of my stories: The Missing Tree is about this girl Clarissa that lives with her mum and her younger brother Tommy; who one day finds her mum dead on the floor. Other things happen and she finds out some information that the mum she knew probably wasn’t her biological mother and sets out for an adventure.

It’s one that’s currently on hold for now, I’m on chapter 2 for it though.

With another one of my stories I’m on chapter 24 and added more to as well.

That’s it for now!
Hope you enjoyed.

-By Lizzy.


Another Platform♡

Hello Everyone!
I’ve still been writing and I’ve made an account on another writing site that I’ve put a few of my original poems on and my short story. 

It’s called Prose and so far I like it and I’m still new on it.
People have liked my works and I intend to put more up, and also with my book The List I’m nearly finished with chapter 25.

There’s also different portals to write in too.

The best friends are unable to get in contact with Katie, and manage to get some contact details of Brett’s and meet another one of Annabelle’s friends.

I’ve added more to one of my other stories With This We Are One which I’m currently on chapter 8 of but I already have ideas for chapter 9.

Another one of my stories I’m still currently planning I have some names for two characters so far Connie Miller and Mallory Wilcox there will be others. And yes, it’s for my story Z: The Mysterious Book.

Thanks for reading,

Wow, Already?

This post is going to be about my writing, and some brief mention on my reading. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hello World! 🙂
Well, I’m on chapter 2 of one of my newest books With This We Are One and I’m nearly finished with the chapter, already.

Also, with my play I’ve made up a new song for it.

One of the books I’m reading is: My Dear, I wanted to tell you and is a historical fiction about the war.

I still have more ideas for stories and I’m really excited to start writing them just when I have the time. Busy.

I’ll be writing up one of my other books soon.

With one of my books I’m on Chapter 20, and wow that’s exciting!

Looking for opportunities, also as this is really important to me.

With my book/story ”The List” I’m on chapter 14 already which I’m still getting ideas for.

That’s some for now.
Thank you so much,
Much appreciated
– Lizzy

Update: Writing Process

Hello Everyone!
This post is about is going to be about my writing, and some mention on my writing process.

Alright so, I’m finally on Chapter 12 of one of my mystery/thriller books The List and – I’m so thrilled that there’s still ideas I have for it.

I usually take breaks as it’s essential, and helps give me some time to do other things. It helps also with giving me inspiration and ideas.

I also have come up with more book ideas, and I’m just ecstatic. I usually am when I’ve still got more ideas for stories and etc.

The process can be a little slow; as I’m also busy with studies.

I’m also writing my other stories, and I’m currently on chapter 5 of my sequel of my book The Sign of Danger.

I also plan on trying to finish the epilogue of my book The Dark Side which has 24 chapters.

One of my newest books Paparazzi I’ll start writing soon and the main character is a mixed race girl.

Also, writing ideas  and trying to fit writing in as much as I can.

Thank you again, for reading.
More about writing soon.

Yours Kindly,