Another Platform♡

Hello Everyone!
I’ve still been writing and I’ve made an account on another writing site that I’ve put a few of my original poems on and my short story. 

It’s called Prose and so far I like it and I’m still new on it.
People have liked my works and I intend to put more up, and also with my book The List I’m nearly finished with chapter 25.

There’s also different portals to write in too.

The best friends are unable to get in contact with Katie, and manage to get some contact details of Brett’s and meet another one of Annabelle’s friends.

I’ve added more to one of my other stories With This We Are One which I’m currently on chapter 8 of but I already have ideas for chapter 9.

Another one of my stories I’m still currently planning I have some names for two characters so far Connie Miller and Mallory Wilcox there will be others. And yes, it’s for my story Z: The Mysterious Book.

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Why I Write #2

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to the second part of why I write.

I love writing.
I also like creating my own stories, and being able to add my ideas.

It’s relaxing, and is helpful in being able to express feelings and emotions which I also do when I’m writing up my poems too.

Creating characters are also fun and deciding on personality traits too, and how they would react in certain situations too.

I also like reading, and some books have given me some inspiration too.

In addition to feelings and emotions, it helps me express them in some of my works and turning them into something positive too.

It’s a passion of mine. :)♡

I’m proud with a lot of my stories, and the ideas I also come up with (and there’s a lot).

Writing is also fun, to come up with plots, direction, development and etc.

It’s also nice to have all of my works; that I’ve done so far to showcase my talent and creativity.

That’s it for now,
Thanks for reading
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Interview #2: (Hannah) – My Story/Book: ”The List”

Hello Everyone!
This is a post about one of the main characters from my story ”The List” giving her answers out in the second made up interview that I’ve created. This way you get to know her a little better.

1.) What do you think of Katie?
Hannah: I think she’s suspicious. She’s helpful with giving us some information but I’m still weary of her actions most of the time.

2.) Is it nice to have a best friend, to help solve the case?
Hannah: Yeah, Jessica’s great. She’s always trying to find out more information and is so determined. So, it really helps.

3.) Who do you think Brown- Haired Girl is?
H: It definitely could be Katie. Even when I saw the page in Annabelle’s diary it was clear especially when we found out that she didn’t always agree with Annabelle’s decisions.

4.) How did it go with deciphering the first code?
H: It was fine actually. We found it in Annabelle’s diary and I managed to have a coding sheet that had most of the symbols used, so we were able to decode it.

5.) The first code was ”Help, Danger awaits” Did you think Annabelle knew she was in danger?
Well, possibly.

6.) Did you find it strange that Annabelle’s diary was being kept by Katie?
H: A little, but it turns out that it was a gift from Annabelle’s mum so that she had something to remember her friend by.

7: Are you also trying to help the police?

Thanks for reading.
– By Lizzy


Interview #1:(Jessica) – My Story/Book: ”The List”

Hello Everyone!
This is a fun post about one of the main characters of my story The List giving her answers out in this made – up interview that I’ve created in a way to kind of get to know her better.
It will also be based off things included in my story. Enjoy!

  1. What do you think of Katie?
    I think she’s secretive, and suspicious but nothing too extreme. She helps give both Hannah and I answers and I’m appreciative to her on that side of things.
  2. You immediately thought Brett was being framed when the murder weapon was found in his house, why?
    Jessica: When I met up with him one day, after English class in school. Because – he’s in my class I asked him a few questions and he didn’t seem like the type that would have any sort of agenda or motive to wanting to hurt Annabelle.
    There no was no indication that he would do something like that.
  3. Who do you think Brown- Haired Girl is?
    J: Honestly, when I came across that page in Annabelle’s diary. I thought there was a possibility it could be Katie, and right now I still think it could be for now.
  4. Was it difficult to try and meet up with Peter?
    J: Yes, slightly. Because Hannah and I went to the hospital that he usually had appointments at and there were no updated information about him. E.g his current address, his appointments etc.
    But we remembered Annabelle wrote his e-mail address and twitter handle/username in her diary.
  5. What made you so interested in the case?
    J: When both Hannah and I saw the list on the lamppost one day after school and how it had people’s ages and names on it, was strange. Then to go home and both watch the news to find out one of the names on the list has been confirmed murdered was shocking. I just want to try and solve the case, and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.
  6. Are you helping the police as well?

Well, that’s all the questions I will be asking.
There will be a few more, but thanks for reading.
-By Lizzy.



And more Thrills :)

Hello Everyone!
This is a new update about my writing and etc. 

With one of my stories ”The List” I’m currently on chapter 24 and I have also added more to it, and I also have more ideas for it and some ideas for the next chapter too.

I really enjoy the direction that it’s going in. Hannah’s cousin Officer Charlie also tells them some important information too.

I’ve also been watching some musicals e.g. Our House and etc.

My Play: Moving on Up I’m currently on Act 2: scene 4. I also have some ideas for this too.

Also, more surprises happen in my book/story The List.

Yes, there’s even more story ideas I’ve come up with for other stories of mine. However, it’s always exciting when I come up with more.

With another one of my stories I’ve come up with a few ideas for chapter 8 the chapter I’m currently on and also some ideas for the next chapter.

A lot of creativity.

It’s still amazing how many ideas I’m coming up with especially with my book/story The List and I’m excited to start writing up chapter 25 when I’m finished with chapter 24.

The title for chapter 24 currently is Unexpected Surprises.

My book/story Paparazzi I’m on chapter 2 and some ideas of what else to add to it.

Further research for different things.

Thanks for reading,
That’s some for now.

This may be updated.
Yours Truly,

More Writing

Hello World!
This post is about my writing, I will also mention some of my other stories.

So with my story/book ”The List” I’m on chapter 24 and I have started it and added more to it today. It’s going really good, and with one of my other stories I’m on chapter 8 already.

In my book/story The List the two friends are still getting as much more information from people that can be helpful in solving the Annabelle Harper case along with helping the police.

Another person they will be investigating is James Kinsley, someone that was mentioned by Brett Jenkins.

They also meet another one of Annabelle’s friends in a chapter soon.

In my book/story With This We Are One (title currently, might change) Michelle is a journalist that is struggling with coming up with a news story, and when she meets up with Ethan Benson she gets to know him better, but he’s deaf and a talented musician and doesn’t let that stop him.

There’s more but not giving away too much, sorry.

I might do a character’s profile for it soon, maybe.

I’ve also added more to my play: Moving On Up.

That’s some for now.

Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂


About Ideas.

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about ideas and how even though some of your ideas for your stories might be small it’s still a good basis to start from in developing your stories and etc.

If your story has a plot that’s a good start. However, if it’s simplistic that’s okay too because it can help give you a basis to start from, which can help with the direction that you want it to go in.

Another tip would be to write down the current ideas that you have. So, that you can see exactly what it is that you want to include in your story, and if there is anything else you feel can be added to something then do so.

This can also help with the story flowing well.

The ideas that you have already helps with the start of your story.

What I do sometimes as well e.g. with my book The List is already write down some ideas any that I came up with on paper, some of the ideas I had for certain chapters were put in others.

Make sure you know exactly what your story is about. For example: a boy gets injured one day, you need to know how?

How did it happen?

Why did it happen? Etc.

If there’s anything you’ve liked in a film, book etc that’s given you some inspiration that also helps too.

I get a lot of ideas, and get inspiration from a lot of different sources too.

That’s some,
Thanks for reading
Yours Truly,