New Ideas.

Hello Everyone!
This new post is going to be about my writing and etc especially about the new ideas I’ve been getting even for my original poetry.

Okay, I’ve written two new original poems called ”Balloon” and ”Encounters.” Which was fun to write, and I have other ideas for more.

And I even wrote another new one called ”Magnetic.”

I also added more to chapter 2 of my story/book Paparazzi.

With some of my other stories, I’ve also added more and so close to finishing off chapter 9 of one of my stories called: With This We Are One which a conversation happens between two of the characters Michelle and Xavier.

Yes, and I’ve also come up with some new ideas for other stories of mine.

There’s even more for Mystery/Thrillers. 🙂

Another title of an original poem of mine will be called ”Echoes.”

I have put a sample of the prologue of a story of mine ”The List” on my Prose account; if you would like to read it. Here’s the link: the-list-prologue-sample

There’s still further ideas I have for this story of mine, and I’m currently still on chapter 27, and I have added more.

-Thank you for reading,
By Lizzy.


Much More.

Hello Everyone!
Another post about my writing and etc.
Title from another song from a musical I haven’t seen – which seemed fitting.

I have added more to one of my stories With This We Are One and so close to finishing it now. I did add a lot, which is good.

Now with some of my other stories I also added more to, and I’m even close to finishing chapter 6 of the sequel to my story The Sign of Danger.

I have added a sample of the prologue of another one of my stories The List on my prose account. This is the link:

If you have an account, you can message me.

I’m also looking at other musicals to watch and there are some I’m excited to watch.

I have been getting a lot of ideas for original poetry lately and also came up with a new book idea; however I happen to have a lot of book ideas.

I will also be adding some more to my play: Moving On Up.

Oh! I have some actors and actresses that I can possibly cast as some characters for a story of mine Z: The Mysterious Book.

I’ve considered some for my story With This We Are One which is diverse.

That’s some for now.
Kind Regards.

Still Happening.

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post is going to be more on my writing and etc.

I have been getting inspiration for more original poetry.

On my Prose account, I have put one of my new original poems ”Sparks” on that which received likes, and today put a new original poem called ”Puzzle” which has also been well received.

So close to finishing chapter 9 of my story With This We Are One and I enjoy writing it.

Also, been watching writing videos that are informative and fun.

Still have some ideas for chapter 27 for one of my other stories ”The List”. And I have added more to it and will continue with it.

I have also put a sample of the prologue of my story/book ”The List” on my Prose account if you would like to read it.

I may also possibly be writing my story/book Z: The Mysterious Book sometime this month (will try) if not soon.

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards,

It’s all Happening.

Hello Everyone!
This post is about my writing with some information on my original poetry and etc. I also got the title from a song from the Bring it On: Musical (Haven’t seen yet) Enjoy!

I have written some new original poetry including two original haiku’s called Eyes and Wonders.
I have actually put my haiku: ”Eyes” on my blog so you can all check it out.

One of my newest original poetry is called Sandcastle.

Another one I’m thinking of will be called ”Balloon.”

I’ve also added a lot to chapter 9 of my story/book With This We Are One and getting close to finishing the chapter. I’m excited to start chapter 10.

I’ve also added more to chapter 24 of one of my stories, and also added a bit more to chapter 2 of Paparazzi along with adding more to chapter 27 of my story ”The List.”

I also added more to chapter 6 of the sequel to one of my completed stories The Sign of Danger and close to finishing off the chapter too.

Another one of my newest poems I’m writing is called ”Team.” 

For one of my stories: The Revenge Cycle I’ve thought a way to plan out the chapters with each one being from the P.O.V of the characters; and when it’s a chapter that involves everyone it will be called All or Everyone something along those lines.

I still have to come up with character names, plot and etc.

So many book ideas, that I have (literally).

With my story: Z: The Mysterious Book I have come up with character names and everything and some brief outlines.

Kind Regards,
Thanks for reading.


Even More Ideas

Hello World!
Today’s post is about some new ideas that I have for my writing and etc.

With one of my stories that I’m still planning called: The Revenge Cycle I’m thinking of each chapter being about a character and from the P.O.V. of the character and how it all ties in to the plot of the story.

Some chapters will be called ”Everyone” something along those lines that involve a shared story among characters or a situation.

The main point of the story is about revenge. There’s still some further planning I’m doing in order to be able to form the characters stories, personalities and etc.

The sequel to my story I finished when I was 16 (four years ago) The Sign of Danger I’m currently on chapter 6 of, I have some ideas for chapter 7 which will focus on Bethany asking Marcus Jensen whether or not he knew of Peter Henson’s friendship with her mum and etc.

For my story With This We Are One I’m on Chapter 9 of and I’ve added more to it and Michelle and one of her friends and colleagues Xavier talk about something that Michelle sometimes worries about, she also talks to her boss Rachel in her office.
This is more of a Contemporary Romance story.

With Z: The Mysterious Book I’m thinking of probably starting it off with one of the friends having to move away.

Also thinking of  a possible sequel to my short story: Star in the Making.

Even ideas for other short stories of mine e.g. romance.

These are just some ideas.
Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

Kind Regards,



Getting There.

Hello Everyone!
This post is about my writing with some mention on my original poetry.~

I have two new original poems one being called Kite which was nice.
With my story ”The List” I’m on nearing the end of chapter 26, and it’s likely I’ll be on chapter 27 today.

I have put some of my original poetry on my prose account, which people seem to like and enjoy so that’s good.

Also, with my story With This We Are One I’m now on chapter 9 and added more to it.

Oh, and I added a bit more to part 2 of one of my original poems The Doctor which is in a story form.

I have also got some more ideas for other stories of mine.

Also, been watching some videos about writing and I finished the book that I was reading Killer Cupcakes, it’s good.

One of my stories: The Missing Tree is about this girl Clarissa that lives with her mum and her younger brother Tommy; who one day finds her mum dead on the floor. Other things happen and she finds out some information that the mum she knew probably wasn’t her biological mother and sets out for an adventure.

It’s one that’s currently on hold for now, I’m on chapter 2 for it though.

With another one of my stories I’m on chapter 24 and added more to as well.

That’s it for now!
Hope you enjoyed.

-By Lizzy.